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February 12, 2019

Attempts to censor Australian press

As reported in the Australian, “The little-known group Rainbow Rights Watch has swamped the Press Council with numerous complaints against major media publishers over their portrayal of transgender people….. The campaign being waged by Rainbow Rights Watch is believed to be unprecedented in the Press Council’s history, draining the organisation’s limited resources and requiring countless hours on the part of media executives to respond to the complaints.”

February 05, 2019

Are Aussie hospitals helping or hindering gender dysphoric kids? has reported on the dramatic increase in the number of children seeking transgender treatment in Australia.  They say, “according to The Royal Children’s Hospital, 1.2 per cent of the adolescent population identify as transgender with children as young as three expressing concerns about their biological sex.”

January 25, 2019

Health care workers told to ignore parents & scientific facts

In the UK, National Health Service (NHS) “staff are being advised to ignore parents’ wishes if they conflict with those of a child who identifies as transgender - even if the child is not considered to have the understanding and intelligence to consent,” reports the Telegraph.