How to stop girls participating in sport

This is staggering. Up is down, in is out, and ‘not complicated’ in this story means ‘couldn’t be more complicated if you tried!”

Little Athletics Victoria has a policy of allowing gender dysphoric kids to participate in whatever category they feel like. The CEO, Anthony McIntosh, insists teenage boys will have no advantage over teenage girls if they choose to identify as girls for track and field events.

He told 3AW Drive, ““What we expect our parents, officials and volunteers to do with these kids is not that complicated. If a child athlete identifies as a particular gender, then that’s how we treat them. We don’t try and overcomplicate things.”

The thing is, it wasn’t complicated to begin with. But now it is. Pubescent boys have bodies surging with testosterone. Their muscle mass, lung capacity, height, weight and strength is generally much greater than girls.

It is a matter of biological fact.

It is why there are separate male and female categories to begin with.

Putting the obvious changeroom issue aside, let’s compare the 2018 results for Little Athletics Australia under 14-year old boys versus under 14-year old girls. Even 3rd place getters in the boy’s events beat the best girls.

EVENT          U14 BOYS          1st                      2nd                  3rd          U14 GIRLS


100m   time                          11.52               11.67               11.68             12.28              

200m   time                          23.52               23.59               23.81             24.79

400m   time                          51.30               52.08               52.15             55.88

High Jump                            1.83m              1.77m              1.75m            1.70m 

Triple jump                          12.56m            12.29m            12.20m           11.66m

Shot put                              17.99m            16.88m            15.61m           13.53m           

Discus                                 51.25m            48.80m            48.57m           38.42m



Radical gender activism disadvantages girls in sport. There are significant biological differences between males and females. These differences ought to be celebrated and protected. Removing the distinction of gender in sport will give males a competitive advantage.

What is stopping boys who consistently come 2nd or 3rd in the boy’s category from suddenly identifying as girls so they can trample all over the girls best efforts?

The CEO of Little Athletics Victoria is wrong. The least complicated way forward is according to biological, scientific, sexual fact. That is, unless he wants to further disadvantage and discourage females in sport.

Report compiled by Kirralie Smith, Binary Spokeswoman