Their Stories Matter

These courageous former-trans people are speaking out against the "Gender Affirming" treatments and the ideology that harmed them.  Listen to their powerful stories here.



I do not yet know if I’m capable of carrying a child to full term. In fact, even the doctors who put me on puberty blockers do not know.

Chloe Cole

Chloe Cole was an awkward child growing up, struggling to fit in when she began identifying as transgender. She started puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones (testosterone) at 13 years old. She had her breasts removed at age 15, and detransitioned at 16. Now 18, she advocates for the protection of vulnerable young people from the harms of transgender ideology in medicine.


The human body was not meant for these science experiments.

Helena Kerschner

Helena Kerschner discovered 'trans' online during her teens while severely depressed, isolated and suffering from trauma and body issues. She started taking testosterone and embracing a 'male' identity more and more only to find her underlying issues of depression, anxiety, mood swings, and unhappiness worsen. She came to the realisation that she had been sold a lie and decided to detransition. She now fights to end the disastrous 'gender-affirmative model' that harmed her so badly. Her full story is one every parent ought to read. It can be found on her Substack page, titled By Any Other Name.



I think that in Australia there are hundreds of people like me who now regret it... And I think that soon there will be thousands.

Ollie Davies

Ollie is a Melbourne man who at the age of 26 came to believe he was a trans-woman. He was placed on cross sex hormones which have since made him infertile. He later detransitioned after coming to understand his identity issues were not helped by transition. Ollie believes – based on his personal experience – that the Australian Standards of Care are far too relaxed when diagnosing and treating gender dysphoria.


I wish it were reversible. I wish I could have my voice back. I wish I could feel my chest.


Sinead Watson

Sinead spent years on cross-sex hormones & had surgery to remove her healthy breasts. She has been one of the most outspoken detrans voices sounding the alarm on the disastrous impacts of 'trans medicine' on vulnerable young people. Thank you for sharing your story these past few years.




Medicalised gender transitioning was a very temporary, superficial fix for a very complex identity issue. I was an unhappy girl who needed help. Instead, I was treated like an experiment.

Keira Bell

Keira Bell was a key whistleblower in the UK's Tavistock gender clinic court case which saw the court decide that minors were not mature enough to provide informed consent to 'gender-affirming treatments' such as puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgery.