Donation Policy


Gender Awareness Australia Ltd is thankful for the support from Australians who want to defend binary gender with their gifts to raise awareness of the harmful and irreversible effects of a de-gendered society. 

Donations made to Gender Awareness Australia Ltd are not tax-deductible.

By donating to Gender Awareness Australia, as an individual or businesses you confirm that:

  • You as the individual or entity making the donation are not a Foreign Donor, as defined by the Commonwealth Electoral Act (1918).
  • The funds you are donating are not being provided to you by another person or entity for the purposes of making their contribution.

Gender Awareness Australia is required to disclose to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) cumulative donations of $16,300 or more in the 2023-24 financial year. The AEC will publish these reports on its website.


The following guidelines are about political donations made in Victoria where it is the donor's responsibility to disclose within 21 days to the Victorian Electoral Commission.

  • Donations from foreign donors are banned; as are anonymous donations of $1,000 or more.
  • The maximum amount any one donor can contribute to Binary Australia’s Victorian campaign is $4,320.
  • Donors must disclose donations worth $1,080 or more, made in a financial year, via the VEC website. This disclosure must be made within 21 days of giving that donation.
  • Before disclosing donations, donors must be registered on the VEC website.
  • If a donor contributes multiple gifts totalling more than $1,080, but each individual gift is less than this amount, donor must disclose each donation once the $1,080 threshold has been exceeded.

For all information regarding Political Donations in Victoria, please visit the Victorian Electoral Commission website.