About Binary

Binary understands that biological sex plays an important role in our society. Crucial to that role is the biological fact that sex is binary. 

Male and female. That’s it. 

Men and women are different, and we believe those differences are to be celebrated, appreciated and utilised. 

We know the biological reality that there are two complementary sexes. Equal, but different.

That’s why Binary was created, to push back against harmful gender theory and the aggressive ideological agenda that comes with it. 

To challenge the attempted removal of biological sex from our society in the areas of education, health, military, business, politics and the law.

We want to protect children from indoctrination, protect women from men appropriating womanhood for personal gain, and stop politicians from instituting ideology over biology.

At Binary, we are committed to building a well-informed network of groups and individuals right across Australia, working together to create an effective social and civic barrier to radical gender theory.

We understand the vital importance of parents retaining their intrinsic right to make informed decisions about their children’s education and well-being. 

We’re here to back the everyday Australian who refuses to cower to the imposition of this radical gender ideology in their workplace, in health care, or education. 

We’re here to campaign, inform and provide resources to keep concerned Australians in the know, to give them the knowledge they need to stand up for reality, and advocate for those impacted by this harmful ideology. 

We’re here to shine a light on key issues in the media, and use our strength to engage politicians around the country. To be a voice, a movement, a force that won’t be ignored.