Trans activists want conformity, not freedom!

The Masterpiece Cakeshop owner in Colorado is being dragged to court – again – by radical activists. But this time he is fighting back!

Jack Phillips has been making headlines since 2012 when gay activists tried to sue him for refusing to bake them a same-sex wedding cake. Phillips won the case in the supreme court earlier in 2018. It was agreed he could not be forced to create a cake that conflicted with his sincerely held religious beliefs.

The same group that tried to ruin his business then is the same group going after him now. They are upset he refused to create a cake for a male-to-female transgender customer. Phillips has decided he won’t be passive this time around and is going to sue those who are targeting him.

CBN reports, “With the state's relentless attacks against his faith, Phillips has decided to sue the state. The Alliance Defending Freedom is representing Phillips, stating, "The very same state agencies decided to go after him a second time. If that isn't government hostility towards people of faith, what is?"

Phillips is fighting back as “it appears that Colorado will not stop harassing him until he closes down or agrees to violate his faith," the ADF website states.”

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman applauds his courage and conviction. “Radical gender activists are relentless in trying to harm, silence or take out any opposition. Phillips offered other alternatives and they refused. They are out to make him pay for refusing to conform to their beliefs.” Smith also said, “In cases like this, often the process is the punishment! Good on Phillips for making a stand. The activists can get a cake made elsewhere without ruining this man’s business. Freedom is not making everyone conform to a restrictive ideology. Freedom is about choice.”