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June 28, 2023

A clinical psychologist with 50 years experiences issues a dire warning

Dr Sandra Pertot is a clinical psychologist, with 50 years experience in the areas of human sexuality, including sexual dysfunction, sexual orientation and gender diversity. She has worked with children and adults and dangerous sex offenders. Before recently retiring the expert had to defend claims of “transphobia” for questioning “affirmation-only” pathways that presented difficulties in her experience and according to clinical research.

June 27, 2023

One Nation act to protect children

One Nation Senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts are calling for an inquiry into gender affirmation practices for children. Both Senators have raised serious concerns about medicalising children’s confusion and note that medical experts are questioning the legitimacy of such practices in light of clinical evidence that indicates it is not best practice.

June 20, 2023

Julie Szego dropped for her gender critical reporting

Former columnist at The Age newspaper, Julie Szego, has penned an article describing the events that led to her sacking from the publication. Szego committed the unforgivable crime of defending the reality of “male” and “female” and women’s sex-based concerns and rights. The journalist had been a writer for the newspaper for more than 20 years.