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November 14, 2023

Female pool players to walk away from male opponents

The World Eightball Pool Federation (WEPF) has bowed down to trans activists and misogynists by reversing a decision to protect female divisions in the sport. In August they declared they would protect females by ensuring “events will be exclusively open to individuals who are born female.'

November 07, 2023

Hockey player has her teeth smashed out by a male player

In Massachusetts, United States, males are permitted to play in female field hockey competitions if there is no male team to play on. This policy has led to disastrous consequences for a female opponent who had her teeth smashed out by a male player.

August 16, 2023

Male powerlifter breaks female record by 210 kilos!

40-year-old Anne Andres is male. He claims to identify as a woman and has broken several female Canadian records in powerlifting. He holds records in the women’s deadlift and bench press. Over the weekend, he stole another record from female lifters.

August 11, 2023

Matilda’s captain admits playing males is too rough

Matildas captain Sam Kerr has admitted that the differences between males and females on the playing field are vast. The soccer star competed with males until she was 11 in AFL before taking up soccer at age 12. She initially played with the boys from 5-6 years old as there were no girls teams at the time.

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