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July 11, 2020

Pronoun games at the BBC

The woke folk at the BBC are encouraging staff to appease approximately 2% of employees by identifying their pronouns in their email signatures.

July 07, 2020

Another academic sacked for championing biological reality

Universities are meant to be a place of higher learning where critical thinking and debate is encouraged. Being exposed to ideas, learning how to challenge them and draw informed conclusions should be the goal. Unfortunately universities have become breeding grounds for cancel culture and censorship of anything that causes the slightest offence.

July 03, 2020

Trans athlete beats the girls by almost 2 seconds

A male has thrashed his competitors in a national female athletics category. Born and raised as Craig, he competed unsuccessfully in track and field events between 2016-2018. He wasn’t even ranked in the top 200 competitors.

July 02, 2020

President Trump’s latest pushback on trans ideology

The Trump Administration has announced a significant change in policy to protect biological reality in shelters across the US. The new policy was announced by Secretary Ben Carson, from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

June 29, 2020

Sport Aus Chief caught out with transgender policy

Liberal Senator Claire Chandler has taken on the ludicrous transgender policy being peddled by Sport Australia. In defending biological reality, she has exposed the ridiculous decision to diminish women’s rights in favour of men who identify as women. The senator took the agency to task in a letter and criticised the agency’s behaviour in an estimates hearing.