Extremism by the Australian Bureau of Statistics

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has been exposed for its support of an extremist political ideology. Without consulting biologists, the ABS has denied science in favour of a radical gender agenda, to redefine male and female.

In a new policy guiding how it records data for men and women, the ABS argues a person’s sex — not just gender identity –—can differ from their sex recorded at birth.

“A person’s sex can change over the course of their lifetime and may differ from their sex recorded at birth,” the new standards say.

Liberal Senator Claire Chandler, who has been a champion in this space, said it was absurd.

“It’s absurd to have the nation’s collector of official data openly stating that humans can change sex over the course of their lifetime,” she said.

“This is just further evidence that the adoption of radical gender theory is endemic in the public service.”

The ABS relied on activists within organisations such as the Human Rights Commission, government bureaucrats, Pride in NSW, ACON and the ACT LGBTIQ government office to determine the new definitions.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said it was ludicrous.

“No one on earth has ever changed their sex chromosomes, their gamete production or natural hormone production,” she said.

“People change the illusion of their sex with costumes, radical medical interventions that must be adhered to daily and body mutilation surgery, but they are all superficial changes that lead to the appropriation of the opposite sex.

“Not a single human has ever changed their sex and the ABS has revealed their ignorance, or worse, their political activism by implementing this nonsense.”