Extremist hate speech

Unsurprisingly, we face a barrage of hate, week after week, because of our defence of biological reality.

It is not surprising because gender extremists are emotionally charged but lack substance when it comes to debate or reason. They offer little to nothing when it comes to sound arguments to support their view that transwomen are women or transmen are men.

Here is a snapshot of hate that came via direct messages to Binary this week. These hate-filled messages accuse us of being hateful, but they fail to see the irony in how they deliver their messages. 






The following message gets a special mention for the mind-blowing stupidity of the content. 


Wow! Really!?! "A transwoman can do anything a biological woman can do"???

No, they cannot fall pregnant, give birth, breastfeed, have periods or go through menopause. All things biological women can do. Transwomen are men who appropriate womanhood.

Vanessa didn’t like hearing the truth.

“Shut the fuck up. One of the pussycat dolls is trans and she birth a kid naturaly [sic]. And they can have periods to [sic].” Vanessa went on to say, “A trans woman can have children and get a uterus implanted.”

Dear Vanessa, and anyone else who subscribes to this view, no male on earth has ever fallen pregnant or given birth. There has not been a successful womb transplant into a bloke. This Frankenstein theory has not become reality. No male has ever had a period and has no idea what it feels like to be a woman.

These messages are ignorant, rude and incredibly inaccurate.

Try harder please.