A powerful testimony from a mother’s perspective

I encourage you to listen to this very important discussion between Senator Malcolm Roberts and a mother of two teenage daughters who were captured by gender ideology.

In light of the Channel 7 Spotlight program, this is a deeper dive into the reality of gender ideology in Australia.

Too many teenagers and children are being lied to about their sex and gender, deceived into believing they can change their sex. 

As a result, they are being offered drugs that do irreversible harm and fail to resolve their gender identity crisis.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

This courageous mother shares how she and her husband loved their daughters and supported them until they came to the conclusion that taking drugs or pursuing surgery was not the right pathway in dealing with their gender confusion.

This is a powerful and emotional story that you must hear that you can watch here.

This same mother wrote the “Stolen Genderation” essays that you can read here and here, here and here and here.