The Stolen Genderation - The Urgent need for Safeguards

By A. Mother

No doubt you believe that there are safeguards on gender transition built into our medical system to protect vulnerable young people from the huge and growing risk of gender transition remorse.

Checks, waiting periods, steep expenses.

So did I.

The realities of Australia in 2023 are that gender transition is easily accessed and affordable. There are no checks for peer contagion. There are no checks for neuro-diversity. There are no checks for pre-existing mental or physical health conditions.

There is no waiting period.

This lack of safeguards and clear guidance and oversight from medical governance bodies is creating a nightmare for parents, trying to raise kids in unprecedented circumstances. Kids who have been saturated with Radical Gender Ideology at school and online. Kids who find messages of affirmation inserted into every form of media they consume. Kids whose digital algorithms are used by unscrupulous influencers to market testosterone to them as the cure to their many woes.

The only safeguard in the State where I live is parental permission for a minor. And that permission is either extorted by Gender Clinics using inflated claims of the risk of suicide, or removed by TRAs inciting their child to declare themselves a ‘mature minor’.

The Hippocratic Oath to do no harm should be a safeguard. But this Oath depends on the individual clinician’s definition of ‘harm’.

I wish my story was unique. I wish that my daughters were rare cases.

Well, if wishes were horses then beggars would ride.

My daughters need more than my wishes. They need these safeguards.

  • Gender Clinic Regulation:
    • re-introduce safeguards on gender transition
    • replace the ‘affirmation model of care’ with checks for peer contagion, neurodiversity, body issues, pre-existing mental and physical health conditions
    • present the ‘do nothing’ option for every case
    • ban the use of inflated suicide risk as a high-pressure scare tactic against parents
    • hold Gender Clinics accountable for negative outcomes for their clients
    • introduce a gender transition twelve month waiting period
  • A minimum age of 25 on gender transition. An exception is available if an assessment by two independent psychiatrists agree that the young person:
    • is likely to benefit from it,
    • can understand and accept the risks, and
    • is free from peer contagion.
  • If a psychiatrist practices the ‘affirmation model’, this must be declared in advance
  • The ABC must be held accountable to its own Editorial Policies and investigated for undue influence from Trans Radical Activist (TRA) lobby groups.
  • The ABC must be prevented from laundering the contested assertion that children experiencing gender dysphoria are at high risk of suicide unless they are ‘affirmed’ and given a gender transition.
  • Teaching Radical Gender Theory at schools requires the seeking of parental consent.
  • No one should lose their job, or suffer other forms of reprisal, for voicing valid concerns over the safety of gender transition.

I am not morally opposed to gender transition.

My goal is to ensure that any one who undergoes a gender transition is unlikely to experience gender transition remorse.

This is the most reasonable of requests at a time of high passions and hysteria.

Yours sincerely,

A. Mother


A. Mother is a collective pen name used by parents of children and vulnerable young people experiencing Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. This collective pen name is intended to protect the individual contributors from reprisal by Trans Radical Activists, and to protect their children from identification. These stories use pseudonyms, but each is drawn from lived experience.