The Stolen Genderation– The greatest scandal you’ve never heard of

The Stolen Genderation

– The greatest scandal you’ve never heard of –

By A. Mother

Did you know that AIDS has been cured?

Well it must be, because the AIDS Council of New South Wales (ACON) needs something else to spend its $16.9 million of public money on.

And, for some reason, they decided to concentrate their efforts on preventing the ABC from reporting anything other than the rosiest possible picture of gender transition, infiltrate all Australian workplaces under the guise of ‘Diversity and Inclusion’, and silence valid concerns by branding them ‘trans-phobia’.

Due to ACON’s influence, the ABC:

  • ignores its own Editorial Guidelines in every article it publishes concerning children and vulnerable young adults experiencing gender dysphoria.
  • unquestioningly launders the unproven assertion that the only way to stop young people experiencing gender dysphoria from suiciding is to undergo controversial medical and surgical treatments, threats which are used as an unethical scare tactic against parents by Gender Clinics.
  • labels legitimate concerns over peer contagion, physical and mental health risks, and gender transition remorse as ‘trans-phobia’.

Due to ACON’s influence over the ABC, you have never heard of:

  • peer contagion as an explanation for the massive surge in Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria among teenagers.
  • the corresponding massive surge in gender transition remorse.
  • Keira Bell – the brave young woman who sued the Tavistock Clinic in North London after experiencing crippling gender transition remorse. She successfully argued that, as a troubled teenager, she was not able to give informed consent to join a huge medical experiment.
  • any alternative to the ‘affirmation’ philosophy that insists that a child or young person experiencing gender dysphoria must not be reasoned with in any
  • children seized from loving homes for not following the ‘affirmation’ philosophy by Trans Radical Activists (TRAs) who have infiltrated Social Services.
  • the high level of comorbidities for gender dysphoria, such as depression, anxiety, and autism.

Under ACON’s influence, the ABC’s coverage on trans-issues constitutes a product placement for Gender Clinics.

Please don’t take my word for it.

The ABC has been busted by none other than its own watchdog – Media Watch.

If you’re wondering why the name ACON is familiar, you will have seen it in every shop window.

 ACON have inserted themselves into every major employer in Australia via the Human Resources department.

 ACON are the self-appointed Witch-finders Gender-al who root out thought-crimes under the guise of inclusivity and diversity.

 Many people have lost their jobs by voicing a valid, yet unpopular political opinion, then being labelled as ‘trans-phobic’.

 Moira Deeming – Member of the Victorian Parliament, Karyn Lisignoli – former head of Girl Guides WA, and Katherine Deves – former Liberal candidate for the Federal seat of     Warringah, are only the most famous.

 And what can a loving parent of a child with gender dysphoria do about this obvious conflict of interest at the ABC and the infiltration of ACON into their workplace?




De-politicise the ABC

Please agitate to de-politicise the ABC by writing to the Federal Communications Minister and tell your story. You must be heard. The ABC is a government funded body that has no external accountability for the impact on Australians of bias in its coverage.

Call for the ABC Ombudsman to be an independent body with powers to fine the ABC for breaches of its own Editorial Policies

Protect yourself against unfair dismissal

My workplace has a ‘support group’ for parents of ‘trans-kids’. I steer the hell away from it because it is an ‘affirmation only’ club.

Stating my concerns about the affirmation philosophy will guarantee a call to an ACON plant in Human Resources. And from there it is only a matter of time before I am fired on some spurious pretext.

Luckily, I have a State Senator who is sympathetic to my plight. He has written me a Letter of Support that I very much hope I never need to use.

If you are concerned that your private opinions and valid concerns may endanger your employment, please arrange an interview with your Federal Member or a State Senator and ask them for a Letter of Support to table at a future Fair Work Commission hearing.

Support the fight

Binary is one of the few Australian lobby groups who are supporting parents of children experiencing gender dysphoria.

As a result, they have been unfairly painted as ‘tranny-bashers’ when they are nothing of the sort.

Binary are child protection advocates.

Binary are women’s rights advocates.

Binary are supporting parents whilst ACON and the ABC are rejecting their valid concerns as ‘trans-phobia’.

Binary are supporting people who have lost their jobs due to the intolerance of the Diversity and Inclusion policies that have slyly infiltrated all Australian workplaces.

Binary are calling for Parliamentary inquests into the deeply unethical practices of Gender Clinics and the harms posed to children who cannot consent to the substantial risks they are being subjected to.

Please match the average donation of $60 and help Binary protect our children and stand up against the intolerance of ACON and the bias of the ABC.

Yours sincerely,

A. Mother.

A. Mother is a collective pen name used by parents of children and vulnerable young people experiencing Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. This collective pen name is intended to protect the individual contributors from reprisal by Trans Radical Activists, and to protect their children from identification. These stories use pseudonyms, but each is drawn from lived experience.