The Stolen Genderation: How to prevent the State seizing your gender-dysphoric child

This is a special feature article written by an Australian mother. She writes under the pen name A. Mother because she risks losing her job and even her children if she made her identity known. She also writes under this pen name because the story is common to an increasing number of families enduring the trials of gender ideology in their own homes.

This is a long read, with more essays to follow. Take your time and consider the implications this mother raises.

These issues reach across all political affiliations, religious beliefs, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds. Publishing this account does not mean we endorse personal beliefs expressed within. The purpose of publishing this article is to give parents a voice and to give you some insight as to how gender ideology impacts families.


The Stolen Genderation

– How to prevent the State seizing your gender-dysphoric child –


By A. Mother.

When I first heard about Victoria’s Change of Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act 2021 and its intent to protect vulnerable young same-sex attracted people from quackery disguised as help, I applauded.

Little did I know that this same legislation would be used by Trans Radical Activists (TRAs) to seize my 15-year-old daughter Claire in the most harmful cultural experiment since the Stolen Generation of 40 years ago.

Claire is experiencing Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria – a sudden, deep dislike of one’s biological gender. Gender dysphoria is quite common in adolescence and often resolves naturally during maturation from child to young adult.

But the Rapid Onset variety is turbo-powered by social media, peer contagion, and aggressive State-sanctioned messaging from TRAs.

Claire is one of a huge and growing number of children who have been persuaded by the all-persuasive and all-pervasive ‘wrong body’ myth, that gender dysphoria is a dangerous and permanent condition. And that gender transition – a set of chemical and surgical procedures that often results in phantom limb pain, sterility, and deep remorse – is the only cure.

The ‘wrong body’ myth attacks her developing identity and sense of worth. It makes her so miserable. And the most zealous evangelists of this myth – TRAs – are using this myth, and this legislation, to seize and sterilise thousands of teenagers, just like my Claire.

The intent behind the Change of Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act 2021 is noble. Protecting children from quacks and ensuring they can explore their own identity and sexuality in a safe and unpressured environment is important. But legislators must be mindful of the worst misuse to which any new law may be put.

A dangerous conflation is taking place under TRA interpretation of this legislation. And this overreaching interpretation is being used as grounds to seize and sterilise thousands of vulnerable and confused young people, just like my Claire.

Loving parents who have valid concerns over whether their child really needs, or genuinely wants, a gender transition are being lumped in with those who drag their child to a ‘conversion camp’ to ‘pray out the gay’.

Under the Change of Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act 2021, parental concerns over the deeply unethical scare tactics around gender transition are deemed ‘evidence’ of parental abuse. And this ‘evidence’ is used by TRAs who have infiltrated Social Services as grounds to seize gender-dysphoric children, just like my Claire. 

In the last decade, gender clinics have sprung up in major hospitals and private practices. These gender clinics practice a school of thought called ‘affirmative care’.

Under an ‘affirmative care’ model, the child or vulnerable young person is deemed the ultimate authority on their gender.

No one at a gender clinic will challenge the child on their recently acquired belief.

No one at a gender clinic will check if the child is neuro-diverse and prone to hyper-fixations.

No one at a gender clinic will check if the child has been influenced by peer contagion.

No one at a gender clinic will check if the child has any underlying mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression.

No one at a gender clinic will check if the child is experiencing underlying body dysmorphia issues, such as anorexia nervosa.

No one at a gender clinic will ever tell a parent that there is an alternate school of thought for the treatment of gender dysphoria – the ‘watchful waiting model’.

Under the ‘affirmation model’ there is only one safeguard, and that safeguard is being zealously eroded by TRAs who have infiltrated medical services, Social Services and school counsellors’ offices all over the country.

Sounds like a crackpot conspiracy theory, doesn’t it? Yeah, I thought so too.

Just as nuns were the handmaidens of the Stolen Generation 40 years ago, TRAs are their secular equivalents today. And TRAs, like the kiddie snatching nuns who preceded them, are State-sanctioned, deemed sacred, and therefore beyond reproach.

How does this happen? To beautiful, confused children all over the country? Slowly, and then very quickly.

It is a patient game of recruitment. There are many subtle steps. And estrangement from a loving family is the key.

It all starts online. Children commonly use tags in their social media profiles that flag them as excellent targets for recruitment. These children are neuro-diverse, or have a keen interest in social justice issues, or have pre-existing mental health conditions, or pre-existing body dysmorphia issues, or are susceptible to peer contagion, or all of the above.

When experiencing the normal, but distressing, sensations of adolescence these children are easily convinced by their online TRA groomers that the explanation for all their woes is that they have been ‘born in the wrong body’.

Claire, aged 15, was targeted by an online groomer and calmly informed me that she ‘knew what was wrong’ with her and how to ‘fix’ it. After Claire’s ‘moment of transformation’ things rapidly got worse for our family.

Claire insisted that my husband and I address her by her chosen new name and male pronouns. She threw out all her feminine clothes, cut her hair short, and adopted a gender-neutral wardrobe. Attempts by us to understand what had suddenly happened to her were treated with belligerence and out-sized offence at our perceived intolerance and lack of support.

Claire’s grooming continued at her school. Her school counsellor and the school nurse are TRAs. The counsellor continued to affirm Claire’s new gender identity and sow seeds of estrangement between her and us – her loving family. The school nurse gave her a referral to a gender clinic behind my back.

Honestly, I thought it was only us. But thousands of families have almost identical stories. And things are getting so much worse.

How have you never heard of this? We’ll cover that elsewhere.

One of the elements common in our stories of forced familial estrangement, and a crucial component of the ‘wrong body’ narrative, is a traumatic backstory. Unfortunately, in Claire’s shrinking world, she was misled by her groomers into making false accusations of abuse against her father.

Until very recently, we have had a very close family. My husband has not raised his hand to Claire, or even his voice. I have always been the disciplinarian of the family. My chastisements have been mild and, I hope, always appropriate to the infraction.

The school counsellor continued to fan the flames of estrangement engulfing Claire. She encouraged Claire to consider our family home to be ‘not safe’ on the grounds of our reticence to ‘affirm’ her new identity. She encouraged Claire to declare herself a ‘mature minor’ and to claim Centrelink payments on the back of this false accusation of abuse.

This is happening in hundreds of schools all over the country.

I got wind of the plot from one of Claire’s cousins and managed to put a stop to it before Social Services were involved.

I live in a State that has its own version of Victoria’s Change of Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act 2021, but luckily the practice of misusing it to seize gender dysphoric children from loving families is still in its early stages. If we lived in Victoria, Claire would have been taken from me under this legislation and transitioned by the State without my knowledge or consent.

If independent MP Alex Greenwich has his way, New South Wales will soon introduce its own version of this deeply unethical legislation. Ironically it will be introduced under the auspices of child protection when in reality, it is used as a tool of child endangerment.

As a parent, if you find yourself in this situation, you will be under assault from all sides. Allies are few.

Under the Change of Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act 2021 you are expected to ‘affirm’ your child in their recently acquired belief. And you are expected to provide access to a gender clinic for your child.

Member of the Victorian Parliament, David Limbrick, is one of only a handful of politicians who are aware of this gross overreach.

However, if you do take your child to a Gender Clinic, you will quickly realise that under the ‘affirmation model’ no other explanations for your child’s distress will be explored. Your child will be fast-tracked along a one-way conveyor belt - from social conversion, to puberty blockers (falsely marketed as ‘fully reversible’), cross-sex hormones (which worsen pre-existing mental health conditions), and finally a double mastectomy or removal of genitalia.

There are no safeguards, but one – the requirement for parental consent to transition a minor.

And asking questions about the veracity of the data that these permanent life-changing procedures are based on will ensure a call behind your back to a TRA ally in Social Services.

Again, childless people in positions of authority are taking children away from parents whom they deem ‘unfit’. Like the Stolen Generation, the decision over my fitness to parent is based on zealous ideology, deep prejudice, and a misplaced belief that this course of action is in the best interests of my child.

I assure you that it is this bad. I assure you that I am writing about my lived experience and that of thousands of other parents.

This is the worst child protection issue since the exposure of rife sexual and physical abuse of children by the Church entrusted with their care.

This is the worst medical malpractice scandal since Jayant Patel at Bundaberg Hospital.

And this is the most harmful social engineering experiment since the Stolen Generation.

If your child is currently experiencing gender dysphoria, they are at great risk of permanent sterility and extreme remorse. And so, to avoid the seizure of your gender-dysphoric child by the State, this is what you must do.

I warn you … you are not going to like it.

You must affirm your child.

I know, it hurts. But you are not permitted to express any other opinion.

Affirming your child’s current gender identification is the only way to ensure that the State’s grounds to take your child away are nullified.

It also buys you time.

Time to find help that does not follow the ‘affirmation model’. Time for your child to mature through their fixation. Time to repair the estrangement sown between you.

And so, I affirm Claire’s current gender identity within strict boundaries. I use her preferred name. I do my best to tolerate the constant pronoun throwdown, temper flare-ups and threats. I offer her full parental support to pursue her secondary education and, if her mental health will permit it, her tertiary education.

I do so on the grounds that she will not pursue chemical or surgical gender transition until the age of 25 – that magic age when the brain is fully mature.

So far, our arrangement is working. Claire is maturing fast, remorseful for her false allegation of abuse, and entertaining doubts about the Radical Gender Theory she has been subjected to at school.

I accept the possibility that Claire may genuinely be trans and may actually benefit from a gender transition. But I am deeply skeptical about the likelihood.

What else can you do if you find yourself in this horrible situation? Unfortunately, not much.

Lawyer up

After Claire threatened to declare herself a mature minor through her school on the back of a false abuse allegation, my husband and I put together a Statement of Events and lodged it with our Solicitor.

This Statement of Events set out the timeline of Claire’s childhood anxieties, the treatment we have sought for her, the threats she has made, the online grooming she has been subjected to, the false allegation of abuse, and the involvement of her school counsellor in estranging her from us. It records the fact that we are affirming her new gender identity under strict boundaries. It includes clear statements of love and support for her.

We sat Claire down and read through it together. We made it clear that we would not be party to a fraudulent claim for Centrelink. We would contest it, in Court if need be. 

Remove your child from an environment of toxic reinforcement

If your privilege permits, change your child’s school. That should set back the grooming by a few months and buy you some time. Please be aware that a vulnerable child rarely experiences Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria in isolation. It is usually an online or school-based peer group who all ‘convert’ together. By breaking the link to the peer group, you may counter some of the group-reinforcement of the Radical Gender Ideology implanted by TRAs.

If your child does not improve, remove them from school entirely.

I would argue that your duty to protect your child’s mental health is greater than your duty to provide your child with an education. There are education re-engagement pathways that can be pursued later.

Get involved

Like the sexual and physical abuse by the Church of the children in its care, there is a thick wall of silence around this issue.

Valid parental concerns will be deemed ‘trans-phobia’ and used as grounds to seize your child.

Contact your Federal Member of Parliament and your Senator with your concerns about wide scale fraudulent Centrelink claims for ‘mature minor’ status on the back of uninvestigated fraudulent claims of abuse from gaslit children with gender dysphoria.

Contact your State Member of Parliament with your concerns about the Suppression of Conversion Practices Act 2021 and the appalling misuse to which it is being put.

Contact your State Health Minister and Shadow Health Minister about the stunning lack of safeguards for gender transition and the deeply unethical practices of Gender Clinics.

WA | NT | QLD | NSW | ACT | VIC | TAS | SA

Tell them your story. They must know. Your lived experience is your evidence. Expect to be believed.

Support the fight

As a parent walking a thin tightrope of socially affirming my daughter to avoid losing her altogether, all my advocacy is done in secret. If Claire knew what I was doing on her behalf, the healing rift between us would be wrenched wide open. All the whispers that have been poured into her ears by TRAs will form a maelstrom that will consume her.

I fear for my family. I fear for my job. I fear for my sanity.

Please support the work of Binary.

Binary is the only Australian lobby group supporting parents of gender dysphoric children in this unprecedented and harmful social experiment – the Stolen Genderation.

Join the call for uniform safeguards on gender transition in all States and Territories of Australia. To avoid gender transition remorse. To avoid forced familial estrangement. To preserve your child’s Human Right to a Family Life. Whether they choose to exercise that right is beside the point.

Thousands of vulnerable children are being gaslit by TRAs into estranging themselves from their loving families.

Thousands of vulnerable children are being gaslit by TRAs into sterilizing themselves.

Thousands of beautiful children.

Just like my Claire.

Take heart, my friend, and take action.

Yours sincerely,

A. Mother

A. Mother is a collective pen name used by parents of children and vulnerable young people experiencing Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. This collective pen name is intended to protect the individual contributors from reprisal by Trans Radical Activists, and to protect their children from identification. These stories use pseudonyms, but each is drawn from lived experience.