This man wants women to accept the lie he is a woman

A man appropriating stereotypes of womanhood is in the federal court insisting he be accepted as a woman.

Roxy Tickle (yes that’s what we have to call him), is upset that Sall Grover, creator and owner of a female-only app, won’t accept him as a woman.

He claims that even though he is biologically male, if he says he is a woman, everyone should simply accept the lie and concede to his demands to be treated as such.

He is also pursuing those who call out the lie he is a woman.

After the court appearance last week, he expressed how upset he was over tweets explaining that he is a man.

WomensForumAustralia tweeted, @WomensForumAust
This morning, Aus Fed Court heard initial proceedings in Tickle v Giggle, after a man who says he’s a woman brought a human rights claim against @salltweets for not allowing him to use her female-only app. Thank you Sall for standing up for the sex-based rights of all women! 💗

He insisted on repeating the lie he is a woman.

@WomensForumAust @RachaelWongAus
Hi WFA & Rachael … could you please correct your tweet? I am a woman … a trans woman … and my pronouns are she/her. Also … am I to understand that you are involved in a crowdfunder to raise money to be spent arguing that I am not a woman?

Twitter users were not fooled.

User No to Self ID in QLD tweeted, “You're a man. Trying to force people to use wrong sex pronouns for you won't change you into a woman. Humans can't change sex.”

Another user, Team Reality Co said, “A woman is an adult human female. You are an adult human male. Grown males of the Homo sapiens are called men. Which is what you are.”

Maximus commented, “#TransWomenAreMen and all I am seeing is a man harassing and bullying a woman. Misogyny is so gross. You are a perfect example of why women need our own spaces, free from harassment, intimidation and bullying of men like you. Just disgusting.”

Farrah stated, “You are a man, Roxy. It reflects poorly on you that you’re trying to force yourself into women-only spaces.”

Dimorphic Animal asked, “No one is stopping you having a trans only space or transwomen only space, why can’t you show the same respect to women?”

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said it is incredible the court is even entertaining the claim.

“No one can change sex, it is impossible,” she said. “He is a man, he is male.

“The court is appeasing activists by even considering that women should be forced to accept the lie that a man is a woman.

“How can we trust a court that entertains the lie that a man could be a woman?

“Redefining the word woman is harmful and determinantal in countless ways, to women, children and all of society.

“Spaces and services are being compromised and people are put at risk because of the lie that people can change sex.”