Sharron Davies’ staunch defence of women’s sport

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith discusses women’s sport with UK swimming champion Sharron Davies.

Sharron competed in three Olympic Games over three decades in swimming and went on to be a sports commentator for the BBC.

She set a swimming record for the British national team at the age of 11.

By the age of 15, Davies won gold medals in the pool at the Commonwealth Games. In 1980 Davies was cheated of a gold medal at the Olympics by the East Germans who were later to be proven as drug cheats.

Davies held the Commonwealth Record for 400-metre individual medley for 18 years. She has also been a World Masters record holder.

Today, Sharron continues to commentate, while being a staunch defender of women’s sport.

Her book Unfair Play: The Battle for Women’s Sport, can be found on Amazon and other book sites. Unfair Play: The Battle For Women's Sport : Davies, Sharron, Lord, Craig: Books

Sharron is very familiar with Australia, having spent time here as well as competing against our own swimmers.

Watch the conversation to hear her scathing comments about Keiren Perkins and the Australian sporting organisations that not only refuse to protect females in sport but put girls in harm's way.

As Sharron argues:

“I could not get my head around the fact that women are just expected to move over and accept an unfair advantage in their own category of sport, when we’ve always had such a tough time of it … we have this tiny piece of the sporting cake and now we are being told we are not even entitled to have fair sport”

Her stern warnings should be heeded by all Australians.

It is impossible to argue the facts she presents as she encourages other athletes to speak up and do the right thing.