Senator Claire Chandler calls out bad sports policy

Senator Claire Chandler has consistently advocated for female single sex sports for years. 

She even introduced a bill very early in 2022 that has not been passed. 

Speaking out about the Flying Bats, a women’s team containing 5 males, she took aim at the federal sports policy which promotes and protects males playing in women’s sport, at the expense of girls and women.

The Flying Bats fielding 5 males in a women’s football league is no anomaly. Watch as I show that it was an explicit direction from the very top of Australian sport that male intrusion in women’s community sport is to be prioritised over fairness for women, and women who object are to be punished.

Australian women won’t forget that when World Aquatics, World Athletics, World Rugby, World Netball, the ICC, UCI and others stepped up to protect women’s single-sex sport, Australian sporting bodies openly lobbied against women and girls at grassroots level having the same protections.

Watch Senator Chandler’s speech here.