Iconic Aussie TV show promotes transgender agenda

The radical gender agenda is becoming increasingly mainstream by featuring in movies, TV series and television shows aimed at children and teens.

The next cab off the rank is no stranger to controversial topics.

Teenage pregnancy, prostitution, same-sex marriage – even incest has featured on Neighbours during its 30+ years on air – and now it’s transgenderism’s turn.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported: “On Friday, 19-year-old transgender youth rights activist, Georgie Stone, will join the cast in a guest role as Mackenzie Hargreaves, a girl with a troubled past, and a typically adolescent present.”

The youngest Australian (at 10 years of age) to receive hormone blockers in a law-changing Family Court decision, Stone is a seasoned transgender activist.

Having initiated the role and storyline herself, it was enthusiastically welcomed by the executive producer of the show.

Stone worked with the writing team to ensure Mackenzie’s journey reflects a genuine transgender experience.

"I really wanted to tell the story of Mackenzie being trans so people can learn….  I hope they see the human in Mackenzie. I hope they see love and see that it's OK."

Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, advised parents to monitor what their children watch on television.

“An increasing number of shows are promoting radical gender ideology. Children and teens are being indoctrinated by entertainment which focuses on feelings and emotions – not biological reality – normalizing transgenderism and providing no sense of the consequences.”