David Limbrick opposes conversion therapy laws

Victorian Liberal Democrat leader David Limbrick has tweeted a thread about why he opposed harmful ‘conversion therapy’ laws in Victoria last year. Limbrick consistently sticks to libertarian principals and explains how the new laws simply don’t cut it when it comes to consent.

Reading the comments in the thread, and from our own experience, it is clear that most of the public are unaware about these damaging laws. Most parents and citizens simply don’t know what is at stake and how children can begin transitioning without their knowledge or consent.

Others tweeted:

“This is terrifying. I’m speechless! Thank you for opposing this.”

“This is so disturbing. Children especially when getting to puberty stage are anxious and May doubt the person they are becoming. They go through tremendous change. Some may be depressed which can distort their feelings & reality. This makes me sick. How the hell did we get here!?”

“Who are the people and, especially international organizations behind this? That are pushing this extremist ideology?”

“This cant be real 🤯😵”

It is indeed very real!

Binary warned about these laws last year in detail and were falsely smeared in the media for highlighting the facts. We ran a huge awareness campaign with truth trucks, 500,000 flyers and social media ads.

I spoke with Liberal Democrats David Limbrick and Tim Quilty last year at Parliament House and we agreed on the issue of consent.

And yet, so many Australians are still not aware of all that is at stake. Children can and are beginning the transition process without parental knowledge or consent. Victoria, Western Australia, the ACT and Queensland are all well down the track. Tasmania is actively pursuing similar laws and as the dust settles after the NSW State election Labor will work with Independent Alex Greenwich to introduce similar dangerous laws as well.

It is essential that we all work together to share information, raise awareness and put a stop to dangerous practices that are harming children.