Alex Greenwich will hold the government to ransom over trans issues

Independent NSW MP Alex Greenwich threatens to hold the government to ransom if he doesn’t get his way in the upcoming state election.

He intends to force his conversion therapy ban on what he hopes will be a Labor minority government.

Greenwich has drafted the Conversion Practices Prohibition Bill 2023 to bring NSW in line with Victoria, Queensland and the ACT, where the highly damaging therapy is already outlawed. 

Conversion practices range from celibacy support groups aiming to overcome same-sex attraction and attempts to “pray away the gay”, to faith-based groups referring people to medical and psychological clinicians known to provide psychotherapy, pharmacological and aversion therapies. 

Greenwich’s bill allows for investigation and potential referrals to the Health Care Complaints Commission, the Ombudsman or in the case of injury or harm, the NSW Police. 

It also has extraterritorial powers to address the practice of parents sending children overseas for suppression or conversion practices. 

Under Greenwich’s reforms, a person found guilty of attempting to suppress or change another person’s sexuality or gender identity faces between five and 10 years jail or significant fines if it can be proven their actions caused serious injury or harm.

The bill conflates sex and gender. It treats sexual orientation in the same way as sexual identity. Orientation relies on biology but identity rejects biology.

Many gay and lesbians are even campaigning for LGB without the T due to the constant threat transgender ideology poses to their sexual orientation and daily lives.

Some even say that transgender ideology is hell-bent on “transing the gay away”.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said the bill is an attack on reality.

“Transgender ideology should never be enforced by law,” she said.

“It denies science, rejects reality and puts children and women in harm’s way.

“Legislating acceptance of lies is damaging and harmful. No one can change sex.

“It is outrageous to suggest that opposition to the lie that a man can be a woman, or vice versa, is punishable by law.”