Women’s rights court case progresses

It is 2023, just over 100 years since women could vote in elections in Australia. Yet today we are witnessing women’s rights being eroded before our very eyes.

One of Julia Gillard’s final acts as Prime Minister was to remove sex-based rights from the Sex Discrimination Act. The first female Prime Minister of this nation decided her legacy would be to remove protections for women under law. Now, the only guaranteed protections are for those who appropriate sex-based stereotypes.

In a recent explosion of males asserting the lie they are now female, women are having to deal with violence and lawfare. Female politicians like Victorian MP Moira Deeming was even suspended from the Liberal Party for attending a Let Women Speak event. In 2023. Let that sink in for a moment.

Sall Grover is a Queensland mother being taken to court for refusing to allow a male access to her female only app called Giggle. Sall unapologetically defends her position, stating repeatedly that just because a male insists he is a woman doesn’t make it true. Truth matters. Facts matter and do not change because of a man’s feelings.

The case has progressed to the federal court and Sall will take it all the way to a Constitutional challenge if required.

“This case is about sex it's not about gender; I discriminated on the basis of sex,” she told Sky News host Andrew Bolt. “A woman is an adult human female and that was excepted by everybody until men decided that they wanted to be women and the only way for a female-only space to exist is if it excludes males so we're going to be arguing that”.

“We will appeal to the highest court in the land. Women’s rights are too important. The truth is too important. There is many, many times in our lives and in the day where sex is irrelevant but when it is relevant it is the thing that is most relevant.

The court costs could amount to half a million dollars and a crowd funder has been launched to fund the case.