Women do not consent!

Female athletes are finding their voice. And overwhelmingly, they are saying “NO”! No to males in their sporting divisions, no to males in changerooms. No to males stealing prize money and podium places set apart for female athletes.

Females are being forced to compete against males without their consent. Australian sporting bodies are forcing girls to accept males in their divisions and threatening sanctions and penalties if they object.

Athletes in the USA are speaking up and speaking loud. Some Aussie women are starting to follow. Unfortunately, the threats of major sporting associations make it difficult for them to speak up as all they want to do is play, and not face penalties for defending women’s sex-based rights.

If you, or anyone you know, has a story to share about males in female sporting divisions, please send it to [email protected] and indicate if you would like to remain anonymous or have your story told.

Payton McNabb, a high school volleyball player, recounted her experience of playing against a biological male in 2022, resulting in serious injury.

As a result of the sheer impact of the ball I received a severe concussion and neck injury.

The hit was so violent I was knocked unconscious ….for about 30 seconds. Ten months later my body and mind are still recovering from the hit. I still suffer from partial paralysis on my right side, vision problems, cognitive issues, constant headaches and more.

This incident was 100% avoidable, if my rights as a female athlete had not been excluded, on the basis of being inclusive to allow a biological male, who self identifies as a female to compete with women.

I, nor my team mates ever agreed to play against a male athlete.

In Australia’s capital, female hockey players are saying no to males in their division, stating they do not consent!

A few weeks ago was the first time I played against a male player without anyone’s asking if I agreed to that. Our women’s team played against a trans-identified male because Hockey ACT, unbeknownst to most people, follows Hockey Australia’s rules, which base the placement of athletes in team’s according to identity, not sex.  

At quarter time our very capable and talented full back said to the rest of the team, exasperatedly, “I don’t know what’s going on?” after the trans-identified man had just easily scored his second goal before the quarter time whistle. After some silence and obvious feelings of discontent from all the female players, one woman responded, “because we’re playing against a man”.

We were playing against a man, without our consent, and women say no – this is not fair and I argue that allowing males to compete in female sport can be interpreted as indirect discrimination against females.

The rights we assumed we have on the basis of sex are now legally subordinated to boys and men’s claims of a gender identity. The subordination of females is neither inclusion, progress nor modernisation.

The player called on male teams and sporting divisions to have the onus placed on them to be ‘inclusive’ by accepting all trans-identifying athletes in their divisions instead of women being forced to accept them creating an unfair and unsafe playing field.

Finally for this week, watch this discussion about a male rugby player who allegedly injured females!