WA to allow people to rewrite historical facts

John Quigley, WA Attorney General, is considering potential changes to gender identity laws. The 'reforms are under development' but it is thought they will be similar to those in Tasmania where people can rewrite historical facts on their birth certificates.

A Western Australian wishing to have their gender changed currently has to face the Gender Reassignment Board after already having undergone a 'reassignment procedure' and met other criteria to receive a gender recognition certificate.

The proposed changes would abolish the Board and instead allow a person to have their gender changed with just a certificate from their medical practitioner or psychologist. 

'Western Australia has had laws since 2000 which provide a mechanism for persons to change the sex classification on birth certificates,' Mr Quigley said. 

'However, this process requires the use of the Gender Reassignment Board.  

'The reforms will abolish the Board and replace it with a new, streamlined administrative process for sex and gender recognition.'

In Tasmania, parents have the option not to select a ‘gender’ for their child since 2019. Individuals can change how they identify every twelve months if they feel like it.

Some in WA’s Cook labor Government have indicated they are “wary of a massive overhaul leaving a bad taste in voter's mouths before the state's election in 2025”.

Instead, they will quietly “do bits and pieces” which the public is less likely to notice.

It is ludicrous and dangerous to write self-identification into law. In other states it has resulted in males changing their identity to be housed in female prisons and have access to female sports, rape crisis shelters as well as bathrooms and female-only accommodation.

No one can change their sex. No one should be legally able to rewrite historical facts. A person is born male or female, it is not dependent on feelings. Male or female is a simple fact evidenced by scientific indicators such as DNA and reproductive systems. A person cannot change their sex via costumes, drugs or surgery, nor should they be able to change it on paper just because they want to.