Up to 30 women set to sue their governing sporting body

Sporting organisations such the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) deny biology and gaslight participants by attempting to redefine what a woman is. 

Until very recently all sports have had male and female divisions, based on the physiological reality that male and female bodies are different. 

For sport to be fair, safe and dignified for all, male and female divisions have been put in place, along with mixed or open divisions for those who consent and want to participate.

Unfortunately gender activists have been very successful in bullying once perfectly reasonable people into agreeing with the lie that men can be women, all at the expense of women. In Western countries, especially Australia, sporting organisations promote and protect males who want to participate in female divisions.

Thankfully, the tide is turning.

Athletes, parents and coaches are fed up. 

No one is saying trans identified athletes cannot compete; most people simply want to keep female competition safe and fair by limiting it to females only. 

Males can participate in male, open or mixed competitions.

Recently professional pool player Lynne Pincher forfeited a match after being set against a male player who said he identified as a woman. 

Not only did she walk away, making a bold statement, up to 30 other female professional pool players have threatened to sue their governing body for sex discrimination.

Peter Daly, of Doyle Clayton solicitors who represents the players, said: 'The advantages all males have because of their sex... limit women's ability to qualify and succeed in those competitions. The admission of males into women's sport is therefore discriminatory.'

He said the Equality Act 2010 permits sport to be segregated on the basis of sex, regardless of gender reassignment.

The Sex Discrimination Act in Australia has similar provisions, but most sporting codes ignore it.

Males have an advantage in speed, strength and stamina due to basic biological and physiological differences. 

It is just science 101. 

Instead of trusting the science, the AIS and other sporting bodies are bowing down to gender ideology. 

It is divisive and dangerous for women.

The more women who take a proactive stance against these unfair and safe policies, the sooner we can return to a fair-go and fun times for all in sport.