Two more males trample over women to claim their prizes

As more and more males take the places of women in women’s sport, we can only report on what is happening outside Australia.

To post images or names or proof of the same thing happening here results in severe legal action.

We no longer live in a free society when men can identify as women, but women can’t define or defend their own spaces, services or sport.

We have evidence of males in several female sporting codes in Australia but we simply can’t report on them until our legal battles are fought and won.

Redduxx magazine is one of the few willing to report on the madness.

This publication constantly reports on the repeated instances of males in female sports, prisons, and other spaces.

Over the weekend they posted these sad and confronting images of males winning female cycling events.

This Saturday, in Switzerland’s largest city of Zürich, Kiana Gysin took first place at the women’s fixed gear racing final as part of the Zuricrit event that was being held in the middle of the city.

Gysin, a biological male who identifies as a woman, had also seized first place in the women’s heat event. 

Gysin, who was awarded prize money totalling 500 Swiss Francs, equal to $566.86 USD, edged out the second placed American Dani Morsehead, by beating out her best lap time by a single second, according to the official race results. As a result of Gysin’s participation, Morsehead received the second prize of 300 Francs, equal to $340.58 USD.

Disgustingly, a 35-year-old male in Richmond, Washington thrashed teenage girls to claim first place in a 1/2/3 Women’s Northwest Elimination Champion at the Jerry Baker Velodrome:

Amazon software engineer Claire Law, 35, defeated a number of junior female racers on Friday, August 20, at the women’s elimination race. An elimination race involves the last-placed rider who crosses the finish line each lap dropping out, until only one person is left.

As the third place rider Lucy Dorer, 15, was eliminated, second place rider Lucy Scoville, aged 17 can be seen completely dropping back for the last lap, and not even bothering to compete with Law, who sailed ahead to what appeared to be an easy victory.

Allowing males to participate in women’s sport is demoralising, unfair and in many cases unsafe.

Males can participate in male divisions, open or mixed divisions.

But not satisfied with several options, these males choose to dominate women.

It is not unreasonable or hateful or violent for women to campaign for single-sex sports.

The separation exists for a reason.

Reasons that are now being trampled over by entitled males demanding to be accepted as women, despite there being no chance on earth for them to ever be one!