Transgender star blasts men endorsing period products

Not all males appropriating womanhood are under full delusion. Some accept they are not women and never can be.

Australian Jolene Dawson is a male who has criticised other males for accepting deals to promote menstrual products, saying  it is misogynistic and insulting to females for a male to do so.

Jolene Dawson, who has appeared on Trial by Kyle and E!'s Botched, said it was misogynistic and 'insulting' to biological females for women who were born male - and therefore will never have periods - to promote menstrual products. 

In a fiery TikTok video, the 27-year-old also said that if tampon companies want to be more inclusive they should market their products to trans men, who can still actually menstruate because they have female sex organs.

'For a transgender woman to accept a sponsorship for that kind of product... it's not a gimmick,' Dawson said.

'Most of the women in my life really struggle with their periods, whether it's because they have endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome, or even just sometimes the shame of having to ask for these products from someone if you've forgotten them.'

'Growing up and having your first period, these are all things that myself and other trans women will never experience,' added Dawson.

'What business is it for you [trans women] to take that money and promote a product that is going to insult people?'

Dawson refused to endorse period underwear because it is wrong to capitalise on something he will never experience.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said only women have periods.

“Regardless of the costumes women wear, the names they go by, the drugs they take or the surgeries they have, only women can menstruate,” she said.

“Men who appropriate womanhood can imitate a lot of stereotypes about women, but they can never experience a period.”