This North West Sydney Football policy is extremely embarrassing

North West Sydney Football’s (NWSF’s) Diversity and Inclusion Policy is a total fail and embarrassment for whoever wrote it and signed off on it.

It is contradictory, false and displays utter contempt toward women and girls.

The policy claims their competition is “safe, respectful, and fair” for all, it is not, and it is not even close.


NWSF is committed to providing a safe, respectful, and fair football environment for all. We strive to be inclusive and celebrate diversity. We are proud to provide a footballing experience for everyone regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, social background, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

This policy is not safe, respectful or fair for all, as females who object to males in their competition will be penalised. The feelings of males who wish they were women are prioritized over female fairness, dignity and safety in this policy.

Despite claiming that “NWSF has a duty of care and responsibility for considering the safety (both physical and emotional well-being) of all participants of the game,” (Clause 2.2.4) they are still forcing teenage girls to compete against fully grown adult men if they say they identify as female.

The bright sparks at North West Sydney Football who wrote this policy deny scientific reality and biology 101.

The policy states: Participation in sport should be based on a person’s affirmed gender identity and not the sex they were assigned at birth; In the case of an individual who identifies as non-binary, to facilitate participation and remove any barriers, the individual should elect which gender team they wish to join based on what fits best with their gender identity.

3.1.2. How does NWSF ensure there is no unfair advantage if individuals identifying as trans, gender diverse or intersex play in competitions different to their sex assigned at birth?

The policy acknowledges “it could be perceived that the relative difference in strength, stamina or physique of a trans, gender diverse or intersex player is significant and has an appreciable effect on their ability to compete.”

This is not a perception or opinion. It is a fact, backed by scientific evidence.

It is the reason there are male and female divisions in all sports.

There are very significant differences between male and female bodies.

Hormones play a role but anatomy overall is extremely significant.

The policy states that “[t]here also could be concerns about whether individuals transition for a competitive advantage, or the role hormone therapy plays.”

Of course hormones are a significant concern. But so are matters such as hand span, foot size, fast twitch muscles fibres, heart and lung capacity, blood volume, bone density, height and reach which all impact speed, endurance and strength.

NWSF takes the view that everyone has different levels of hormones that affect their abilities, and this is not specific to trans, gender diverse and intersex people. Any perceived advantage or disadvantage should be addressed through grading, first at the Member Club level, and then at NWSF’s level if required.

In other words, they are treating females with utter contempt for the sake of males who wish they were female.

Why even have a female competition, if as they claim, it can just be graded regardless of whether the bodies playing are male or female?

If hormones don’t impact male development and growth, if there are truly no differences between male and female bodies, why have separate divisions in the first place? If their policy was true and factual they would do away with male and female divisions and simply have graded competitions. Problem solved.

But they don’t. This policy is about making a way for males who wish they were women, to pretend and find false validation. Then they get to trample all over the women they wish they could be.

The results speak for themselves. The Flying Bats, with 5 males, are on top of the women’s competition ladder, with most goals scored (by males). They thrash the female teams week in and week out with results such as 10-0 and 12-0.

This policy is embarrassing. Whoever wrote it, and whoever approved it and thought it was a good idea, should be very ashamed of themselves.

They have completely disregarded reality, displayed utter contempt towards women, and proven that their desire is for males who appropriate womanhood to have priority in their competition.

The clubs in this competition must take a stand and object to this offensive, irrational, unscientific and cruel policy. Officials, coaches and parents have a responsibility to safeguard the female players.

Trans identified males can play in male divisions, or in open or mixed categories. They are not excluded. They are not female, regardless of the lies they tell or the superficial measures they employ to convince themselves or others that they are. Costumes, drug dependency and surgery do not prove they are women; they are simply males who wear costumes, take drugs and have surgery.

Either safeguard the females in a female competition, or do away with male and female divisions and prove that grading would take care of the issue.