The English Blackball Pool Federation is being sued by a trans identified player

The English Blackball Pool Federation is refusing to back down after being threatened with legal action. They are being sued by male pool player Harriet Haynes after changing the rules to protect women’s sport.

Haynes is claiming he is being discriminated against after they changed the rules to allow for a female division and an open division. He can participate in the open division but not in the female division. His reaction is more evidence that males who identify as female are not interested in fairness, they simply want to dominate women.

The Chairman and Secretary of the Association issued the following statement.

This is exactly what is needed by all sporting associations. They simply need to change the rules to open and female divisions. No-one is excluded and it is fair for everyone.

Males who object prove the point that they are not at all concerned about women’s sport, fairness or safety; they simply want to dominate women with their male bodies in sport.