Soccer campaign for women and men who pretend to be women

Football Australia has launched a 'Love Our Game' campaign, focussing on young women and any men who pretend to be women.

Launched today, the #LoveOurGame campaign video features women, girls, and non-binary persons between the ages of 16 to 28 in different environments demonstrating how football can be played and enjoyed wherever you are, whether with a group of friends or on your own at the local park or street.    

OUR GAME is an initiative aimed at harnessing the power of football to build an inclusive and diverse game that embraces, positively influences, celebrates, and elevates women and girls.  OUR GAME’s mission is to elevate, inform and unleash a community of energised believers to own and drive the future of women’s football. 

Binary has been trying to contact Football Australia about their policy that allows males to play as females for several months.

Football Australia refuses to engage with Binary, or with any members of North Coast NSW Football who have made complaints about a male player on the female team in Wingham.

Now they are resorting to censorship on social media by blocking and reporting women for questioning their policy.

Blocked by @OurGame after Kirralie Smith retweeted the ad for women in football.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said Football Australia is displaying utter contempt toward women.

“The peak soccer body in Australia refuses to hear complaints or engage with women and families who are concerned about a male playing soccer in the women’s team at Wingham,” she said.

“They ignore, or actively censor, any opposition to their policy that encourages men to participate as women.

“It is no wonder so few are willing to speak out when an organisation treats its members with such contempt.”