Sea Life Aquarium joins in the mockery of women

It has been announced that drag queen Joyce Maynge will be reading a selection of “inclusive” children’s books at the Sea Life Aquarium during World Pride.

Rainbow Families is hosting the event, exposing little children to the world of male hypersexualised adult entertainers.

Drag Queens are known for their risqué performances in adult entertainment venues where they mock women via extremely sexualised caricatures.

Sea Life Australia is jumping on the trendy bandwagon to expose children to this world of adult entertainment under the guise of reading books aloud in story time.

An excellent way of bringing LGBTQ+ culture to families of all kinds, the event sees a fabulous drag performer reading popular books to an adoring audience. Our World Pride spectacular will be hosted by Rainbow Families regular, Sydney drag icon Joyce Maynge, in the unique Darling Harbour setting.

With Sea Life opening at 9am to offer exclusive access for Rainbow Families, you’ll be able to enjoy the exhibits for an hour before joining us at 10am in the Day and Night on the Reef zone. This will be an unmissable experience for children of all ages to come and celebrate their love of books and find renewed enthusiasm for reading in a completely safe and inclusive space.

After the event kids can google Joyce Maynge and be confronted with these public images:

Warning: Graphic content.

Another clear example of someone who should not be entertaining children.