Professional female surfer will quit if new transgender rules are implemented

World Surfing has announced that biological males can compete as women in surf events.

Hamilton shot to fame when she lost her arm in a shark attack. Her story was made famous by the movie Soul Surfer.

Hamilton said she strives to love all people regardless of differences but felt a responsibility to speak out for female athletes, especially those too afraid to speak. She believes many of the other girls on tour fear being ostracised if they say anything in opposition to the policy.

The professional surfer questioned how these kinds of rules are playing out in swimming, athletics and other sports, as well as asking if current surfers had been consulted about the new rules.

“Should there be a conversation with the 17 women and all of the men prior to a rule change such as this? Is a hormone level an honest and accurate depiction that someone indeed is a male or female? Is it as simple as this?

“Who is pushing for this huge change? Does this better the sport of surfing? Is this better for the women in surfing? If so, how?

 “How did whoever decided these hormone rules come to the conclusion that 12 months of testing testosterone make it a fair and legal switch?”

Hamilton noted that there is no desire for females identifying as males to compete in the male competition.

She said she personally believes the best solution is to create a new division for trans athletes. She said it is the only fair way for surfers to “showcase their passion and talent”.

The female professional also shared concerns about what the women’s category will look like 15 years down the track if this change is implemented.

Hamilton said she is worried about young girls who will be robbed of opportunities.

“I personally won’t be competing in or supporting the World Surf League if this rule remains,” she said.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith applauded the surfer.

“This is what a strong, brave and compassionate female athlete looks like,” she said.

“Well done, Bethany!

“Her comments are fair and reasonable. No one needs to be excluded, there can be another category for trans in sport.

“Leave women’s sport alone.”