More male bodied people insisting they should be counted as female

Another week in sport, another week of male bodied participants insisting they be counted as female.


Male Disc Golf Pro athlete Natalie Ryan is out of the female pro tour, for now. 33 female athletes complained about his participation in the female division and a judge has ruled he is out on a technicality. Ryan vows to fight the decision.

The Disc Golf Pro Tour appealed a federal judge’s ruling and won, allowing DGPT to bar trans pro disc golfer Natalie Ryan from the female competition in this weekend’s OTB Open. The Ninth Circuit Court overruled a lower court not on the basis of merit, but rather jurisdiction: “It appears that the district court lacks diversity jurisdiction over the [Disc Golf Pro] Tour because Plaintiff and at least one member of the Tour are citizens of Virginia.”

Ryan can participate in the male category. He could also advocate for a trans category if he really wanted to. But like many other male bodied athletes, he would rather use his strength, speed and stamina to beat the women.


Male rugby player, Julie-Anne Curtiss is upset he is ineligible to play in England’s Rugby Football Union as a woman. He has announced a crowd funder and wants to sue the sporting body for excluding him from the female division.

In the description on his fundraiser, Curtiss shared that he began his “transition” in 2016 and is perceived “as female” by his “female friends, colleagues, loved ones and most relevantly, by [his] female rugby team mates.”

Curtiss writes that: “Trans women come in all shapes, sizes and ability levels, just like cisgender women,” in an apparent effort to compare larger-bodied females to men. He continues, “The new RFU policy has no nuance and instead has decided all trans women to be excluded. It is difficult to see how this broad-brush approach can be ‘necessary.’”

Nuance is not required for bodies in sport, facts are. Curtiss is a male who has enjoyed all of the benefits of male development. Rugby is a contact sport. Women deserve a safe and fair plying field. It is irrelevant that he thinks his size is comparable to women, because he is male. Always was and always will be.  


Biologically male transgender rower was in Cambridge University female reserve crew (

It was also revealed this week that a male participated in a prestigious rowing race in 2015. Sarah Gibson, a male, took the place from a legitimate female in the race.

The athlete told Stonewall: 'I wanted to take part in the Boat Race since I was a small kid and I was delighted when I got the chance.

'The club and coaches were very supportive. I wouldn't have been able to enjoy it or reach my full potential without such an inclusive environment.'

In other words, he would never have achieved his dream in the male team so he took that opportunity to fulfill the dream from a female rower.


3-Year Ban For Kenyan Player Who Pretended To Be A Woman To Win Lucrative Prize -

A male chess player wearing a full face and body covering tried cheating his way to the prize money for women in Kenya. He has been banned from playing for 3 years.

The player had registered under the name Millicent Awuor for the women's section of the Kenya Open, which is currently underway. He raised suspicion when he won two games in a row, including a win against the former national champion Gloria Jumba (rated 1487), before losing to the Ugandan top player Ampaira Shakira (rated 1702).

The reality is men are not women. They are male. People cannot change sex. Sex matters in sport and there are separate divisions for males and females because males do have an unfair, and often unsafe advantage over females.

No one is saying trans identified people can’t participate. It is simply a matter of respecting biology. They can play to hearts content according to biological reality or lobby for an open or trans division. There is no excuse to rob women of their place in sport to satisfy the feelings of a few men.