Middle-aged man plays cricket against 12-year-old girls

A man appropriating female stereotypes is playing cricket against girls as young as 12 in the UK.

Now, coaches and parents are fed up and speaking out about the inclusion of the middle-aged male in their sport.

The player, who one coach said "hits the ball harder than any other I have seen in the league," reportedly has accidentally injured people, including an umpire and another player who was unable to play for months after the incident. 

One parent called the situation "unacceptable, uncomfortable and dangerous," and another parent of a 12-year-old girl worried that playing against the player in question will push the girls to "give up on cricket because they become so frightened about having to face bowling and fielding of that strength and force."

"Many girls at this age are only just starting hard-ball cricket, and one incident is enough to turn them off the game," the parent added.

Another parent expressed "real concerns" about the propriety of a biological male sharing changing spaces with teenage girls.

The rules for English cricket make it explicit that “trans women may compete in any female-only competition, league or match and should be accepted in the gender in which they present”.

Several teams and representatives have complained to the English Cricket Board but are yet to achieve a reasonable outcome.

"Transgender participation is a complex area," a spokesperson for ECB told The Telegraph. "In recreational cricket, the eligibility of players is based on their own self-identified gender, with no medical requirements.

“However, in light of guidance from the U.K. Sports Council’s Equality Group (SCEG), we are currently reviewing. We will continue to consult with Sport England and other independent experts and will communicate any changes once this work is complete."

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said it is not at all complex.

“Biology matters. What is the point of having male and female categories if anyone can play anywhere?” she said.

“The solution is simple: players register according to biological reality or create a transgender or mixed category.

“Stop forcing girls to accept the lie that a man can be a woman.

“Cricket Australia has a similar harmful policy that puts girls at risk.

“It robs women of dignity, safety and fairness in sport.”