Matilda’s captain admits playing males is too rough

Matildas captain Sam Kerr has admitted that the differences between males and females on the playing field are vast. The soccer star competed with males until she was 11 in AFL before taking up soccer at age 12. She initially played with the boys from 5-6 years old as there were no girls teams at the time.

"I knew I'd be the only girl on the team but that didn't worry me at all," Kerr recalls.

In fact, she says the boys assumed she was male, owing to her "short hair and blonde tips."

Kerr was "okay with that" and decided to "keep my gender a secret because I didn't want them to treat me any differently just because I was a girl."

Kerr said she loved playing on the team with the boys but, three years in, they finally discovered she was a girl.

Kerr admits the physical differences between her and the boys would prove too tough.

"But as good as I was out on the field, and as much as I loved playing the game, the physical differences between the guys and me eventually became too pronounced and the play was too rough."

By the time she turned 11 and the boys started "growing fast" and became "much bigger and stronger" than her, she bowed out.

"One day, I came home from a game with yet another black eye and bloody lip, and that's when my dad and brother both said, 'Nup, this isn't happening anymore.'"

Kerr encourages young girls to play against boys as long as possible because it is a different game and can help the girls develop an advantage.

She acknowledges it requires a lot more to compete against males and that eventually a female division is required.

"It's a totally different game and it requires more from you," she tells them, adding that she tells them regardless of how hard they think they are working, they need to give it "ten times more."

Sam Kerr is a lesbian, currently dating US soccer player Kristie Mewis. It is interesting to note that same-sex orientation relies on biology, while gender identity denies biology.

Generally, lesbians don’t like penises, because you know, same sex and all.

Interestingly, some males who appropriate womanhood claim to be lesbians. The mind boggles.

I wonder if female soccer players who are lesbians would date male lesbians? If social media is anything to go by, the answer is no way!

I wonder why then, female lesbian soccer players put up with male bodied players in their divisions?

Football Australia has transgender policies that not only allow males to play in female divisions, and they do all they can to protect such players from objections.

There are several males playing in female soccer competitions in this country right now yet stars like Sam Kerr are doing nothing to speak up and ensure girls coming behind her get a fair go. Instead, the Matildas stay silent while younger players have to endure taking the field with males in female divisions, and sharing change rooms with them.

Hardly seems fair, or safe, does it?