Martina Navratilova has inspired others to speak out

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova has been outspoken in defence of women’s sport for several years. She has remained steadfast despite being one of the few voices in the arena who defend female sex-based rights and biological reality. Her stance is now inspiring others to reconsider the ‘diverse and inclusive’ cultish beliefs that males should be given free reign in women’s sport.

Wimbledon and BBC legend Sue Barker has now joined the fray, stating that she agrees with Navratilova. Both believe that 'young girls' dreams' are at stake.

Nine-time Wimbledon singles champion Navratilova has been one of the most vocal opponents of allowing transgender female competitors to take part in women's sports - describing them as 'failed male athletes'.

She has now been backed by Barker, 73, who won the French Open in 1976 and went on to present the BBC's Wimbledon TV coverage for 30 years until 2022.

'I just think you take away the young girls' dreams, so I am definitely with Navratilova.'

Others are also gaining confidence in stating the truth. There is absolutely no point in having a female category if males can participate as females.

Two-time gold medallist Daley Thompson wrote in the Mail last December he believed it 'sad' that equal rights for transgender people had been 'suppressed' but insisted there should be a new 'open' category instead of allowing them to compete in women's events. 

And culture secretary Lucy Frazer has called for a ban on transgender athletes competing against women, writing in the Mail: 'We must get back to giving women a level playing field to compete. We need to give women a sporting chance.'

Navratilova, 66, posted in February this year on X, formerly Twitter: 'I will keep saying this ad nauseum until the rules change- women’s sports are not a place for failed male athletes.

'Keep male bodies out of women’s sports- they are free to compete in the men’s category.'

It is not hateful to state the truth that males can never be female. It is not bigoted to call for the protection of female sex-based sporting categories. Males have many categories to choose from when it comes to sport; male, open, mixed and even transgender in some cases.  The sad reality is males who bully their way into women’s sport do so to dominate and have no respect for facts or how it makes women feel. In their minds, only their feelings are worth consideration. They have done well to intimidate officials into conceding but now we are seeing a real pushback and it will only be a matter of time before women’s sports are for women only again, as they were always intended to be.