Martina Navratilova challenges US Tennis Association’s trans policy

Alicia Rowley, a male appropriating female stereotypes, has recently won a Women's National Tennis Championship and 'the coveted Golden Ball'. 

There has been outrage on social media and tennis great Martina Navratilova has weighed in, tweeting that women’s sport is “not for failed male athletes.”

ICONS, a group of women advocating for female sport, tagged a few sporting greats to ask for their input:

'Hey @USTA @WTA @Martina @ChrissieEvert, Women’s tennis is turning into a laughing stock because of these terrible policies prioritising the mental health and identity of men over women who have discovered a love of tennis.

'The women are calling us and begging for help to be allowed to play fairly. They have complained; they don't know where else to turn. Men are winning national titles, taking the place of women on team tennis, and competing in women's tournaments across the country. 

'We need to let the women and girls playing tennis know that they deserve to be treated fairly and recognised for their accomplishments no matter when they pick up the sport.

Navratilova didn’t hold back in her response.

Here in Australia the Australian Sports Commission has persuaded many codes to adopt similar policies. Sports such as netball, tennis, rowing, athletics, swimming and soccer have all chosen to prioritise the feelings of males appropriating female stereotypes over and above real women. 

They have even gone a step further to implement sanctions, expulsion and legal actions for anyone who publicly opposes such policies. 

Female athletes, parents, coaches and officials can be fined or expelled from their own competitions if they object to males in female divisions.

The questions must be asked, “What is a woman?” and “why have a female division if males can participate in it?”

The simple, inclusive, tolerant solution is every BODY plays in their biological division, or in an open/mixed or trans division.

Female sport is not for male athletes – failed or otherwise!