Male wins a women’s golf trophy in Australia

Another sporting code in Australia has allowed itself to become hijacked by the trans agenda and is allowing males who identify as females to compete in the women’s category.

This time, it’s women’s golf.

The winner of this year’s Australian Women’s Classic Bonville is Breanna Gill, a man appropriating female stereotypes.

Breanna told the media:

“I’d always thought in my head if I ever got the opportunity to actually win a golf tournament and the girls happen to come running out on the green, I was going to stand there and take it, I wasn’t going to run away”.

“If you get yourself in that position, you just take it. It was so special”.

News reports about the tournament make no mention of the fact that female golfers were competing for the top prize against someone who is a biological male.

Gill has been allowed to play in the women’s category despite the strategy launched by Golfing Australia in February 2018, called Vision 2025, an initiative to “address a fundamental imbalance in the game and draw more women and girls to golf”:

“Through Vision 2025, Golf Australia intends to introduce and retain more women and girls in golf through innovative, inspiring, needs based and age and gender appropriate programs, pathways and access to quality coaching.”

Golfing Australia's Gender Policy states that players who transition from male to female must have testosterone levels lower than 10 n/moles per litre. Firstly no one can transition from male to female as sex is evidenced in every single cell of a person's body. Secondly, a female can only produce up to 0.3-2.4 n/moles per litre of testosterone. This policy allows males with more than 5 times that amount to play in the women's division.

In addition, if this player has been through male puberty, they will have all the advantages of muscle mass, bone density, lung capacity and blood volume that no amount of hormone treatment can reduce.

It is unfair for the other players in the competition who are at a distinct physical disadvantage.

Why have a female category at all?