Male tennis boss disregards fairness for women’s sport

Male tennis boss Craig Tiley has announced he will advocate for males who appropriate female stereotypes to be allowed to play in the women’s divisions.

He has shown no regard for female players and the unfair advantages males have over women in sport. 

When it comes to professional tennis, we’ve got to be responsive to the international tennis federations, they set the guidelines and the policy on it.

But you know, as a sport, we’ve made our position pretty clear … and we are supportive [of transgender inclusion]. Tennis has had to grapple with the decisions on this for quite a while.

We’re trying to influence the decision now. We are an organisation that believes absolutely in inclusivity, in diversity, in equality, so any decision made will need to be aligned with our core values.

Absolute inclusivity is impossible. In this case allowing males in female tennis means exclusion for some women.

Tiley’s attitude has no consideration for females who do not wish to share bathrooms with males or play tennis against them. It also means that girls and women will miss out on spots on teams reserved for females if the male boss has his way.

Males have a distinct advantage over females in sport, especially tennis and there are separate divisions for that reason.

Tiley’s attempt to appear progressive is insulting.

Males have greater reach, power and speed – all advantages on the court. There are mixed competitions if males want to compete with females. They can also play in the male divisions.

If Tiley really wants to be inclusive and fair for everyone just create an open category and leave women alone. That’s fair and reasonable.

Tennis great Serena Williams says the male and female divisions may as well be a different sport because the advantages males have are so obvious. 

“It’s a completely different sport. The men are a lot faster, they serve harder, they hit harder. It’s a completely different game.” 

She said if she played Andy Murray he would beat her 6-0, 6-0 in minutes!