Male student injures 3 female basketball players

They say it never happens, but it happened again.

Media reports allege that a male who wishes he were female has dominated and injured female opponents in several sports, also degrading the girls by making comments in the change rooms. He is 6-foot tall, has a beard and injured three opponents in a recent basketball game. You can see the video here.

The Collegiate Charter School of Lowell forfeited the game to save any more of their players being injured.

He was also a part of a female rowing team but was suspended for lewd behaviour.

'The male athlete was caught staring openly at one of the female athletes while she changed her clothes in the women’s locker room and remarked, "oooh t*tties!"' it read.

'When a female athlete nearby asked if it was the first time he had seen female breasts, the male responded, "uhh yeah" with a laugh. The male athlete was suspended for this incident.'

The report also claimed she 'caused many issues for the female athletes' on the team and they avoided using the locker room because of her.

The US Center for SafeSport intervened after the incident and the transgender athlete never rowed for the male or female teams again.

A letter to USRowing from 15 parents of the club's 40 female competitors in further claimed the girls were 'intimidated' into silence.

'Our daughters have stayed quiet because they are afraid. We tried to speak up for them, and we were shut down,' the letter read.

'We tried to speak to leadership at all levels. [But] name-calling and the threat of mental health is being used as emotional blackmail to keep us all quiet while women are harmed and devalued.'

Parents said one girl on every trip had to 'take one for the team' and share a room with their transgender teammate.

'The rowing team also required the male athlete to room with them on trips. The girls spoke to us about quitting rowing because of the intimidation of being forced to be in a hotel room alone with a male,' it read.

He has also dominated women in volleyball, tae kwon do, hurdles and shot put.

There are separate female and male sporting categories for a reason.

Once a compromise is made to allow males to participate, regardless of how they feel or identify, you are creating an unfair and unsafe playing field. Women’s sports must be for females only.

Trans identified athletes can participate according to their sex at birth, mixed, open or trans competitions. They are not being disadvantaged in any way.

Females need protection and safe spaces from males in sport, change rooms and other sex-based services and spaces.