Male rugby player in female competition

This male rugby player claims to be a woman. He is playing in a Canadian competition meant for women.

In recent weeks he has injured three female opponents, all of them requiring hospitalisation.

One of the injured players said:

“I had never been hit like that before, even at the competitive women’s level. There was so much more brute force. There are women who are bigger than him, but no girl hits like that. This is a strong human.”

Rebel News attended one of his games. It is disturbing to watch his reaction and that of his female teammates as they defend blatant misogyny with bullying and threats. The police were even called. Some of his female teammates vehemently defend him playing in the women’s team, while one woman aggressively shouts, “this is my wife!”

Can you imagine being a woman on an opposing team? Can you imagine challenging not only this male player but also the aggressive females who defend him? Can you imagine simply wanting to play women’s sport and being confronted with males like this and women who champion them?

One has to ask, what is the point of having a female division if males can play in it?

What avenues are there for women to raise objections other than leaving the sport they love and should have a right to play? There are none. They have been explicitly told not to comment.

Rugby Ontario issued a statement to players:

This is also happening in Australia but we are forbidden to report on it.

We have accounts of women refusing to take the field in some sports, but we can’t identify which ones because the courts and the police protect males who identify as female.

Sporting codes in Australia protect and promote males playing in female divisions, and they penalise those like me who object. They intimidate, threaten sanctions and even involve the police.

Aus Sport has convinced several sports to sign up to trans guidelines that prioritise the feelings of males over the safety and fairness of females in tennis, cricket, football, swimming, athletics, rowing, hockey, netball and basketball.

They refuse to acknowledge the discomfort female athletes experience when they are forced to compete against males.

They deny biological differences and dismiss safety concerns.

They refuse to recognise the anxiety it causes girls and women to share change rooms with male bodied athletes.

They support sanctions, suspensions, expulsions and financial penalties of anyone who says no to males in female sport.

They refuse to define ‘female’ and they go out of their way to make males comfortable who perpetuate the lie that they are women.

This is getting way out of hand. If they had nothing to hide, if they knew that society would accept males in female sports, if they truly believed that males were magically transformed into females, they wouldn’t have a problem with us identifying such people.

But you and I know what the truth is. We know the facts and we know that biology speaks for itself. In the meantime, women must suffer indignity and risk being injured all for the sake of these men’s feelings.