Male cyclist claims a female cycling title and prize money

Another male has stolen first place and prize money from women in sport, this time in cycling. The 27 year old male, Austin Killip, won the prestigious race and took home $35,000.

Austin Killips (Amy D Foundation) won the fifth and final stage of the Tour of the Gila women's race on Sunday, sealing the overall victory in the process.

Already wearing the leader's jersey to start the stage, Killips broke clear of the peloton in a small group in the final few minutes of racing on the "Gila Monster" stage, which took riders 110.9 km (65.9 miles) from Silver City to Piños Altos.

Killips then surged away to win the stage at the top of the third-category finishing climb.

You can watch him boast about his win here:

Swimmer Riley Gaines, who is a warrior for women in sport posted this video from another event Killip participated in where he gets off his bike to push another competitor off her bike.

Males are males. They are born male and remain male regardless of any ways they attempt to appropriate womanhood. Name changes, pronouns, hormones, surgery and costumes do nothing to negate the fact they are still males.

Males participating in female sporting divisions make a mockery of womanhood. What is the point of having female divisions if males can participate in them?