Lucy Zelic won’t be deterred on males in female sport

Respected football journalist Lucy Zelic spoke with 2GB host Ben Fordham today about the atrocious situation in NSW where male soccer players have been allowed to thrash female opponents in a women’s competition.

Zelic has burst onto the save women’s sport scene in recent weeks questioning the policy and ethics that disregard the safeguarding of women and children. Zelic decided to put aside fears that she would be ‘cancelled’ in order to speak the truth. She said many others are saying the same thing privately but don’t yet have the courage to speak out.

Zelic highlighted how many institutions have been captured by lies and threaten to cancel those who speak out.

The former SBS “World Game” host is on a mission to educate the public and encourage legislative change. She has commentated on thousands of games and knows the football world inside and out.

Not afraid of pushback, Zelic relies on facts, science and reality to defend the position the majority of Australians hold.

Listen to this powerful interview here.