Leaked recordings from an emergency football meeting

The news of 5 males on a victorious women's football team in Sydney went global last week after the Daily Telegraph picked up the story.

The UK Telegraph and the New York Post ran with it as did sporting magazines and other global news sites such as Reduxx.

Hot on the heels of the story NSW state Libertarian MLC John Ruddick posted leaked recordings from an ‘emergency’ North West Sydney Football meeting that also hosted Football NSW officials and club delegates.

In the lengthy recording, football officials make excuses for allowing males to play in the women’s competition and show no remorse what-so-ever.

In the first recording, officials warn teams that choose to boycott that they will face legal action. In the second recording a club president describes a horrifying incident where a female player had her leg broken in two places by a male player.

In the third recording an official doubles down and insists the policy is fine and males can play as women if they identify as women. How absurd, they can’t even define what a woman is so how can a man identify as one?

You can listen to the recordings and read John Ruddick’s comments here.

Leaked audio from the North-West Sydney Football Association.

The Flying Bats is a lesbian soccer club founded in the 1980s.  They have since competed in the North-West Sydney female soccer competition.

The Flying Bats won the pre-season final last weekend 4-0.  On their way to the final they won all their games including a 10-0 win.  Five of the Flying Bats team are trans-women.

On 17 March six of the other clubs in the competition held an informal meeting at the Ranch Hotel in North Ryde.  They wanted to discuss their concerns around how implausible it has become for any team to win against the Flying Bats as well as physical safety concerns.

Options discussed included the teams entering an alternate competition or for other teams to simply boycott games scheduled against the Flying Bats.

Word of that informal meeting got around and so on 20 March the North-West Sydney Football Association convened a formal meeting.  The CEO of Football NSW John Tsatsimas was in attendance.

That meeting went for around an hour and a half. 

This is the first of three audio highlights.

Question from the audience:

‘What are you going to do if we forfeit games?’

Answer:  ‘Well if you forfeit two games in the season there would be disciplinary action handed out.  If there was a concerted efforts by teams to forfeit games against a particular opposition that would be viewed as an act of discrimination.’

In this audio, one of the club presidents says:

'A couple of years ago one of the Flying Bats players broke one of our players legs in two places.  She’s no longer playing football. As a small club I’ve lost 24 players and that’s a direct result of not wanting to play against the Flying Bats.'

In this audio an official says:

'The policy in our association is that you’re entitled to play in the gender to which you identify.  The board is currently working on a diversity and inclusion policy and that’s what it says because we have to say it – it’s what we’re required to say and it's what we want to say.’

Would be keen to understand why 'we have to say it.' Where's that coming from??