Katherine Deves confronts transgender activists

Katherine Deves confronted a group of trans activists at a rally over the weekend.

The conference and subsequent rally were hosted by International Women's Day (IWD) Brisbane Meanjin. The group opposes a proposed Queensland bill to allow self-identification on birth certificates.

The counter-protesters were loud and aggressive but provided no reasonable response to Ms Deves’ questions.

‘Let me ask you a question, can you explain to me what human rights you don’t have?’ Ms Deves asked after confronting the group.

‘Aren’t all humans entitled to human rights? What is it you're asking for because no one has ever answered why…’

Ms Deves was then cut off by the group who began screaming ‘boo’ while another began chanting ‘trans rights are human rights’.

‘Don’t spread hate, how hard is it?' one called out, after saying they didn’t have rights ‘apparently when using the toilet’.

Ms Deves later shared footage of the encounter on Twitter.

Other speakers at the event included Northern Territory senator Jacinta Price, founder of Giggle, a women-only app, Sall Grover and feminist think-tank CEO Rachael Wong.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith commended Deves.

“Trans activists are vocal but mostly unreasonable. This was proven once again over the weekend,” she said.

“They refuse to engage in respectful debate and fail to explain how or why society should buy the lie that a person can change sex.

“No one can change sex.”

Ms Smith said women and girls deserve to have a voice.

“They expect safeguarding measures for safety, privacy and dignity. Being shouted down by angry activists does nothing for their cause,” she said.