Increasing opposition to the Flying Bats

A second North West Sydney Football women’s team forfeited against the Flying Bats last weekend. Putney Rangers women’s team, in the women’s competition, forfeited their match against a team that can field up to five male players because they say they identify as women. The moves comes after Macquarie Dragons forfeited a few weeks ago.

The next two weekends, the Flying Bats are set to play against women’s teams in the competition but some are very unhappy. Posting anonymously on a football forum, one player expressed her concern and disgust at being forced to play.

Our [...] football convenor [...] is forcing my team to play the flying batts as he says all players are eligible, we should embrace this challenge, how we embrace inclusivity, how we accept an individuals choice, that this is a sporting challenge same as his team where they won only 2 games last year and how the bats play a fair game of football. We as a collective don't feel comfortable playing the bats due to being scared of injury. Seems like he cares more about his own reputation than the safety and welll being of his players. Our coach informed us we have no choice but to play them. Is anyone else in a similar position this season? What can we do, we have rights!!

On another thread on the same website, angry users criticised the policy that is putting girls at risk. Some are claiming females will be forced to self-exclude if the club refuses to offer safeguarding measures.

They have claimed that girls will quit the team if forced to play against the Flying Bats.

It is unacceptable that the only option females have is to self-exclude. These clubs need to man up and protect their players. This team has been entered into a female competition, why are males being permitted to play?

Why isn’t their concern for fairness and safety being taken into consideration?

Legislation exists that allows the association to discriminate on the basis of sex when “strength, stamina or physique of competitors is relevant”.

Why is the North West Sydney Football association and Football NSW ignoring this?

Why is it again up to the girls to take a stand. Will the players who speak out be penalised? Sanctioned? Expelled? Fined? For expressing very reasonable views?

But that’s not all. Flying Bats will also play against Sydney University in the Sapphire Cup on Tuesday 14th May at Sydney Uni.

The Flying Bats are tipped to lose even though they might field up to 5 males in a FEMALE competition.

Someone really ought to educate Football NSW about the word female. Males can never be female.







More and more women are starting to make their concerns known. Earlier this week Ben Fordham read out an email from a player who is clearly distressed by the policy and also spoke to “Sarah” a female who has played against trans-identified males in the past. You can listen to the segment here.

With media personalities such as Ben Fordham and Lucy Zelic speaking out and female players starting to share their concerns, we may just see common sense and science come back to the fore in women’s sports in Australia.