Hobart councillor speaks out for single-sex spaces

Women with public profiles are beginning to speak out for female sex-based rights and needs.

The latest to speak up is Hobart City Councillor Louise Elliot.

Concerned about the fallout of new state laws, she made this post on her Facebook page:

I want to help make sure that everyone - and I stress 'everyone' - can feel safe and comfortable in our sporting facilities.

Because of changes to state legislation, biological adult men are now allowed in female only change rooms and toilets and vice versa.

The vast majority of people I've heard from, including myself, want access to a single sex change room where they can have assurance that the users of that space will be the same sex as them (excluding young kids, for obvious reasons). I believe this is a completely fair request, based on many valid reasons, including for people who have experienced trauma, people who are self conscious of changing around people of the opposite sex, people who feel intimidated from a safety perspective being in vulnerable spaces with men and people who cannot be seen out of certain attire by men because of their religious beliefs.

Given Hobart's facilities have no choice but to comply with State legislation, I'll be advocating strongly for making sure we offer (at least) three categories of spaces when it comes to changing facilities is essential - a space for men, a space for women, and a space for people of all sexes and genders. I'll also be pushing for significantly increasing the number of individual separated change and toilet facilities we have.

This is about making sure we have spaces where everyone can feel safe and comfortable, including biological males and females, transgender people and all other humans of any sex variation and anywhere on the gender spectrum.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said it is reasonable and necessary to advocate for single-sex spaces.

“Biology matters. It is essential that women, and men, have access to single-sex spaces and services as required,” she said.

“No one is excluding trans people, it is simply a matter of biological reality. A third space can be offered for people who reject biological reality.”