High level sports official resigns over transgender policies

A high-level sporting official in the United States has demonstrated integrity by resigning from his position, protesting the policies that allow males to compete in female competitions:

William Bock III, the former general counsel for the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, submitted his letter of resignation to NCAA President Charlie Baker on Friday, citing the college sports organization’s policy to allow transgender men to compete in women’s sports as a primary reason for his departure. Bock has served as a committee member since 2016 and is stepping down from his role more than a year before his current term is set to expire in August 2025.  

“Although I may not have agreed with the wisdom of every rule in the NCAA rulebook, I believed the intent behind the NCAA’s rules was competitive fairness and protection of equal opportunities for student-athletes,” Bock wrote. “This conviction has changed as I have watched the NCAA double down on regressive policies which discriminate against female student-athletes.”

Bock cited the NCAA’s three-phase participation policy, which it began implementing in January 2022, that would allow transgender student-athletes to play in their desired sports so long as they met certain requirements. Among those requirements is documentation that proves testosterone levels were below the maximum allowable levels for any given sport.

“There’s a lot of biological development that starts at birth that allows you to maximize testosterone, and those changes that you get through development — they don’t go away,” Bock said. “And you’re going to reduce performance by a small amount if you reduce testosterone levels, but you’re never going to bridge the gap between men and women. And so it’s a ruse to say that testosterone suppression, it’s a level playing field, so it’s not true.”

The NCAA, and all sporting codes need to ask themselves why even have separate divisions for males and females in the first place?

It is not rocket science, but it is biological science. Male and female categories exist for fairness, safety and the dignity of all participants.

To jump on a bandwagon that denies science and rejects reality for the sake of a few men’s feelings is absurd. Female athletes deserve sex-based protections on and off the field because sex does matter.

All officials who go along with the ludicrous notion that there are no physiological differences between males and females should be sacked or walk away. They are embarrassing themselves with their ideological position and putting women and girls in harm’s way.

All bodies can play sport; no one is being excluded. Regardless of a person’s identity it is male or female bodies that play sport. Policies must simply reflect reality and safeguard women and children.