Deves and Grover to speak at Queensland Feminist conference

The women’s rights group International Women’s Day Brisbane Meanjin, known as IWD Brisbane Meanjin, has announced that registrations for its annual conference in March are now open.

The activist group has been instrumental in fighting the Queensland Labor government on their atrocious self-identification laws which are currently being rammed through the parliament.

The conference is for women only and includes a large range of feminist speakers, with a rally on the final day for both men and women.

Included among the twenty speakers are UK author Sheila Jeffreys and Australians known to Binary supporters such as Katherine Deves and Sall Grover.

Sheila Jeffreys is a lesbian feminist writer and activist. She was active in the Women's Liberation Movement in the UK for 2 decades before moving to teach at University of Melbourne in 1991 where she taught feminist politics. She returned to the UK in 2015 and is a Director of Women's Declaration International. She is the author of 12 books on the history and politics of sexuality.

Her most recent book is: Penile Imperialism: the Male Sex Right and Women's Subordination . Website:

Sheila's topic: Women’s Sex-Based Rights: the Struggle in the UK

Katherine Deves is a lawyer, commentator and mother. She co-founded Save Women’s Sport Australasia to raise awareness of the threat to women’s dignity, privacy, safety and right to fair competition when males are eligible [to] compete in the female sports category. 

In 2022 she ran as the Liberal candidate for Warringah in the federal election and was subjected to extraordinarily vicious attacks due to her views on the sex and gender debate. She resides on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with her partner and three young daughters.

Kath's topic: When activism, media and the law collide: In reference to Roe v Wade and Brittany Higgins

Sall Grover is the founder & CEO of Giggle, a social network & social media platform for females. Prior to Giggle, Sall pursued her dream of screenwriting in Hollywood but retired after almost 10 years due to sexual assault and harassment. Sall has a daughter.

Sall's topic: The necessity of female only spaces: the harm perpetrated by men who say they’re women doesn’t need to be physical because it is often psychological. This elevates the need for female-only spaces

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said conferences like this are essential to protecting women’s spaces and services.

“Awareness of the issues is paramount to equipping everyday Australians to take a stand against aggressive gender activism,” she said.

“Women’s services and spaces are under threat. Many of these speakers have suffered first-hand from this dangerous ideology.

“This conference and rally is a great way for people to be informed, feel supported and take action.”