Defending the indefensible

I read about gender ideology almost everyday (I make sure I have at least one full day off a week). I am contacted by parents who share heartbreaking stories. I hear from employees who are threatened and vilified at work for wanting women and children to be safe and protected.

Not a lot shocks me anymore. But all of it saddens me, deeply. And sometimes, I feel extremely stressed. Like I did this week.

I am honestly gobsmacked at the amount of people on social media, especially left-wing women, who are defending and promoting illegal sexual activity for children.

There has been a massive backlash to the book Welcome to Sex with stores such as Big W removing it from shelves but continuing to sell it online.

After posting a blog about it and making comments on social media, I was inundated with vile and dreadful comments in support of the book. I have been branded a paedophile, an enabler of abuse, a christofascist and more. All for highlighting a book that is dangerous for children, and that is being recommended for children as young as 8 years old.

A book that graphically depicts anal sex and rimming without explaining the very serious and harmful effects of such practices.

A book that encourages selfish pleasures and fails to provide explanation about the harm children face engaging in sex or becoming addicted to pornography.

A book that, according to reports, encourages children to send naked pictures of themselves to others, as long as they crop off their faces!

“The authors write that if they were talking to their own children about sending nudes, they’d advise them to crop their heads off just in case, because once a picture is out there you have no control over it.”

No mention of the fact that child pornography is illegal and extremely damaging to children.

Many have tried to claim it is a sex education book. It is not.

Others claim children need to be exposed to this content to avoid being groomed and assaulted. No they do not!

There is absolutely no need to present this material in explicitly graphic illustrations, without explaining how much harm it does to children.

Do we need to graphically illustrate rape to protect children from rape? Of course not!

Do we need to graphically illustrate oral sex, anal sex and other practices to teach our children what is and what is not appropriate, or legal, for children to engage in? Of course not!

News reports about the book declined to show pages from the book. Why? Because they are too graphic for television but apparently should be readily available to children.

Thankfully, a few experts have weighed in and explained how dangerous the content of this book is.

Commenting on the practice of cropping nude photos, one cyber expert said it was misinformation and a very serious offence.

Cyber safety expert with 27 years in law enforcement, Susan McLean, said she was concerned about the peddling of misinformation on such an important topic. 

“These people haven’t a clue about the reality of the digital world,” she stresses. 

“They are encouraging behaviour which is likely to cause a young person to be arrested and charged and that is not ok.

“The head is not the important part; you are still creating child abuse material which is a very serious offence.”

Ms McLean said minors sending nudes was a crime in Australia, except for Victoria in certain situations, and if convicted, kids could become registered sex offenders. 

“Once you send an image you have lost control over it,” she said.

“A naked image is very attractive to a child sex offender, and they can end up on the computer of a paedophile or traded in a paedophile forum.”

Dr Jillian Spencer also commented on the dangers this book presents to children, having seen some arrested for the distribution of child exploitation material.

“Encouraging children to chop their head off naked images sends an uncomfortable message,” she said. 

“It tells them their naked body is the primary focus when attempting to connect and form relationships with other people.

“It is important that we don’t strip away from children the truth: that attraction between people is a bit uncontrollable and a bit magic and is influenced by factors that aren’t always visible or easily described.”           

Dr Spencer explains that exposure to sexual concepts needs to occur gradually and tailored to the child’s individual stage of development.

“The book appears to inundate children with a lot of graphic adult sexual information and pictures,” she says. 

“It describes sex acts without any relationship context.

“It is likely to frighten some children and encourage children to view sex as a series of acts that are separate from any emotional connection with another person.”

It is alarming and disturbing that so many people on social media are unapologetically championing this content for children, willing to sacrifice children on the altar of sex to justify their own desires.

Sexualising children is never ok. Leave our kids alone. It is important to safeguard children by informing them of the harms involved in engaging in sexual practices before adulthood, and warning them about the reality of pornography, rape, assault, abuse. However, there is no need for whimsical cartoons that minimise the serious nature of engaging in such behaviours, and which fail to provide important context or information for children about the legal implications of such behaviours or the possible detriment and regret they may experience as a result.

Sex is not for children. It is for consenting adults only. For anyone to say otherwise is horrifying. This push for children to consent to ‘changing’ sex or engage in sex is dangerous and disturbing. Sex is not for kids!